Welcome to St Antoine Grottoes
      Situated south of Brive on the ancient Nationale 20 the site of St Antoine grottoes is a spot taking place in the history of the city .The Franciscan community living on the place offers retreats formations and animated celebrations which make this sanctuary a real space of possibilities for pilgrims but also for visitors taking advantage of the peacefulness of the park.
A place of history
In 1360 the Franciscans built a small ermitage above the grotto,transformed in oratory.They welcome pilgrims .After5 centuries of chaos the pilgrimage is at its best at the end of the 19th century.During the second World war St Antoine grottoes took part in the Resistance against the occupant and the Nazy barbarity.
With a new community arriving in 2004 starting an important building site of renovation of the church and the hostelry.
A dynamic Franciscan community
 The community is nowadays composed of 6 brothers :the order has chosen Brive as one of its main sites in province.Large gatherings of the components of the Franciscan family are regularly organised .The lodging renovated permits a pleasant simple welcoming.Monks or voluntary laiques were engaged  together to build a structure adapted to a present search of spirituality.
A place for training and refreshing
  All along the year and in link with liturgical strong beats the brothers propose  formations about the study of the Gospel,religious authors (this year:Maurice Zundel)retreats,a discovery of Franciscan spirituality and original ideas (walking and prayers 24 hours for God).The park is even more joyful during the Franciscan holiday week
for families.Thanks to a renewed hostelry the site allows a pleasant welcoming for visitors or pilgrims.
 Traditionally two main votive feasts attract people :the feast of St Antoine :on June 13th and the feast of Onions :last Sunday  of August.

Contact Information:
St Antoine Grottoes
41 Avenue Edmond Michelet
        +033 5 55 24 10 60